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Aerial Monitoring

Drones are often used for technical purposes such as aerial monitoring and performing aerial inspections in exteriors and high-roof interiors. RGB sensors are the most widely used while recently UpVision made available to it’s customers large range of special sensors for drones are available e.g. LIDAR, Hyperspectral Camera or Thermovision System.

The portfolio of our services insludes wide variety of the different tasks e.g. precision agriculture and vegetation condition control, various types of aerial inspection such as the actual status of high-rise buildings, identification of various defects and damages in power engineering (PV power plants, power lines, pipelines) or in construction (thermal releases of buildings, on roofs, initial formation of subsurface damage to bridge deck), up to remote sensing in dangerous or poorly accessible locations with the possibility of real-time sharing of views


“For thermovision inspection we have also created ThermoAnalytics where you can easily and easily manage and inspect our inspections with the possibility to export them to a clear inspection report including identification and description of defects.
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Podpůrný letecký monitoring pro IZS, Letiště Mladá Boleslav Inspekce FVE elektrárny Frymburk s jednoduchým reportem v ThermoAnalytics Monitoring a mapování sesuvu na dálnici D8 Kontrola stavu větrných elektráren Monitorování archeologického průzkumu u Hradce Králové před stavbou dálnice D11 Monitorování průběhu výstavby stožárů VVN ve špatně přístupném terénu Identifikace závad na izolovaném lektrickém vedení ve špatně přístupném terénu pro ČEZ Distribuce Mapování a sběr 3D dat o železnici pro SŽDC Podpůrný letecký monitoring pro IZS, Slapská přehrada