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Flight Planning

Flight Planning

Possibility to plan drone flights
for approval in advance
or outdoor directly in the field.

Flight Authorisation

Flight Authorisation

Real time Flight Plan authorisation
provided in compliance
with U-Space requirements

Flight Rules Overview

Flight Rules Overview

Overview of applicable drone rules
and airspace restrictions.

Dynamic dataset

Dynamic dataset

Always up-to-date data
of all airspace restrictions
and current traffic



Possibility to create restricted zones
and restrictions created in real-time
with immediate alerts
to all relevant users.

Multi Language support

Multi Language support

Technical support
and multi language localization.

UTM System

Airspace management

Easy management
of the entire airspace
with the ability to create and share
dynamic data with all drone users.

Pilot registration

Save all flights in the user’s profile,
which can serve as a clear flight log.

Flight Authorisation

Real-time communication
with the aviation authority with the possibility
of approving individual scheduled flights.

Risk assessment

Simple flight planning with regard
to the parameters of the drone, the planned flight,
the specific location and applicable legislation

Involvement of aviation authorities

Controlling the operation
of drones in the airspace to ensure safety,
but also new scenarios for the legal use of drones.

Acquisition of flight data

Current data including meteorological forecast
for the location of expected flight.

Informations for wide public

A simple and clear map,
including the current marked restrictions
in the airspace and an explanation
for all drone pilots.

Getting current restrictions

Access to actual airspace restrictions,
including dynamic data directly
from Air Traffic Control.

Since Q2 2018 we have been operating a UTM system for