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The main advantage

UpVision Defense provides a comprehensive drone protection solution.
We integrate the best available technology into the functional unit.
At the same time we guarantee full integration with existing protection elements
taking into consideration actual security processes.

Where Antidrone SYSTEM is useful?

International airports
Test polygons
Arenas and stadiums
VIP objects
Intervention of the Police and the Integrated Rescue System
Water sources
Protected landscape areas
National parks
Chemical production
Nuclear power plants
Quarries and mines
Mass events in the open air
Prisons and correctional facilities
Police and military guarded objects


The surroundings of the protected object are automatically monitored 24/7.
The operator has got an overview map with following information:

Protected area

Current drone position

Complete history of the attack

Statistics and evaluation of interventions

All systems are integrated into one simple intuitive interface
that can be connected to existing systems