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We always want to bring the best value to every single customer. We use deep knowledge of different types of Unmanned Aerial Systems combined with diverse types of sensors in order to provide greatest value in aerial photogrammetry and aerial monitoring. Our experience includes visual art photography and video for film, advertising and television, software and hardware product development to support unmanned aviation and data processing.


We have been on the market since 2013 and our team is composed of professionals who have previously been at the birth of the legal professional operation of drones in the Czech Republic, and experts in photogrammetry, civil aviation and art photography. We are one of the first to obtain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority for aerial work. Through close collaboration on research projects with leading universities, research institutes and state institutions, we develop methodology and technology in many areas and keep up with global trends. During our existence, we have received several foreign awards and we publish our projects in the most famous global journals. We are co-founders of the Unmanned Aviation Alliance and advisors to the Inter-ministerial Commission on Civil Aviation Safety. To increase awareness of flying rules and increase the safety of drone operations, we have created a mobile application and telemetry module MAIA and we are supplying a UTM system with our foreign Air Traffic Controllers, with whom we are members of the European U-Space demonstrators network.


1st place

(Regional Winner) in Czech round
in European Satellite Navigation
Competition 2017 (Galileo Masters)
and between 10 best European GNSS
projects with “Protection animals
before harvest from RPAS”

1st place

in Age of drones 2016 contest
as winner of category
Best commercial video by drone

3rd place

in Czech round in European
Satellite Navigation Competition
2016 (Galileo Masters) with
project “MAIA – mobile aircraft
identification application
for identification RPAS”

3rd place

in Czech round in European Satellite
Navigation Competition 2014
(Galileo Masters) with project
“Precision mapping line constructions
by RPAS”