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Science & Research

Science and research is a substantial part of our projects since the company was founded and we are constantly testing and expanding the use of drones, bringing a unique range of our services to a variety of industries. We actively cooperate with almost all Czech universities and research institutes and we are also active in foreign research projects.

Among the many research projects we have been involved belongs the Identification of drainage systems, developed together with the Research Institute for Land and Soil Protection, CZ. The research phase of the project is sucessfully finished, brand new methodology has been born and we are commercially providing a service to the market at this moment
Another example of the reasearch task is animal protection aginst harvest machines. Project succesfully finished with Mendel University in Olomouc CZ and the Research Institute of Agricultural Technology, CZ.


Cadastral Mapping is another interesting topic. During fruitfull cooperation with the Geodetic Research, Topographical and Cartographic Research Institute, CZ we have been creating dozens of different map layers. The research programme confirmed the accuracy of the spartial possitioning up to 1.1 cm which is far better than other methods. Unmanned surways of larger areas are currently used may be used in Severočeské doly (coal mines) or in the Railway Data Collection Project for SŽDC (national railway infrastructure operator).

We also test the use of drones for specific needs, including validation and comparison with approved methods often resulting by deployment new methodology. In the past we carried out research projects with ŘSD (National highways operator), E.ON, ČEZ Distribuce (largest energy producer and distributors in CZ) and other large companies. On the other hand we have participated in the unique Fulldome documentary about South Moravia with 360° aerial shots in the projection on the dome ceiling.

We work with latest aerial technology and sensors, cooperate with leadind industry partners and our results are often crossing (not only geographical) borders.